Unusual Accommodation #1: Aircraft

Much as he adores haunting the corridors of the apartments at 20TheBarons, and whiling away his days with the best of brandy and cigars, The Baron is often to be found researching inspirational places to stay around the world. Succumbing to nostalgia about his flying days, he was delighted to […] Read more »

The House of Temperley

Just along the street from our luxury serviced apartments here at 20 The Barons, it is a joy to behold Twickenham Studios once again thriving at the heart of the British film industry. Millions of pounds have been spent in the last two years re-establishing the theatres and stages as […] Read more »

Stumbling over Ghosts

Stumbling over Ghosts: The Baron, having donned his metaphorical deerstalker and set out on the trail to investigate the history of his home at 20 The Barons, has found himself increasingly obsessed with the thrill of the chase. There is something almost compulsive about finding and following the threads into […] Read more »

The Cabbage Patch

The Cabbage Patch On Halloween, a year from now, the final of the Rugby World Cup will take place at the world’s biggest and most famous rugby stadium. With a hi-tech playing surface enclosed by covered stands, three steepling tiers of seats accommodating 82,000 spectators, a four-star hotel, a health […] Read more »

20 Great Walks From 20 The Barons

20 Great Walks From 20 The Barons “TWENTY bridges from Tower to Kew – Wanted to know what the River knew, Twenty Bridges or twenty-two, For they were young, and the Thames was old And this is the tale that River told.” ― Rudyard Kipling  The River Thames has been […] Read more »

London Rooftops

“When there’s hardly no day, Nor hardly no night, There’s things half in shadow, And halfway in light, On the rooftops of London, Coo, what a sight!” The Baron has come over all Mary Poppins, all Chim Chiminey, after indulging in a night on the tiles and discovering that the […] Read more »

Charlie And The Chocolate Factory

With Easter weekend upon us, The Baron’s thoughts have turned to chocolate. He has little time for eggs and rabbits, but will happily employ the holiday as excuse to indulge his addiction to chocolate truffles. And in this, he shares a vice with that most chocolate-infused of children’s authors, Roald […] Read more »