20-second guide to the 20 national teams

With the release of our accommodation prices for the 2015 Rugby World Cup, 20TheBarons presents a 20-second guide to the 20 national teams who will be testing the airline weight allowance when they arrive on our shores in September 2015. A comparison of each nation’s population makes for interesting reading, but then it’s only XV v XV when the whistle blows.

200px rugby world cup trophyPOOL A
1. Australia
Population: 23 million
Nickname: The Wallabies
Colours: Gold and green
Badge: –
Anthem: Advance Australia Fair
World Cup Bases: University of Bath; Dulwich College
Won the World Cup in 1991 and 1999
World Ranking: 4

2. England
Population: 53 million
Nickname: –
Colours: White
Emblem: Red Rose
Anthem: God Save Our Gracious Queen / Swing Low,
Sweet Chariot
World Cup Bases: Pennyhill Park; Salford
Won the World Cup in 2003
World Ranking: 5

3. Wales
Population: 3 million
Nickname: Red Dragons
Colours: Red
Emblem: Prince of Wales feathers
Anthem: Land Of My Fathers
World Cup Bases: The Vale Resort; London Irish RFC
World Cup, third place in 1987
World Ranking: 7

4. Fiji
Population: Under 1 million
Nickname: Flying Fijians
Colours: White
Emblem: Palm
Anthem: God Bless Fiji
World Cup Bases: Milton Keynes; MK Dons; Swansea University; London Irish RFC
World Cup quarter-finalists in 1987, 1999 and 2007
World Ranking: 13

5. Uruguay
Population: 3 million
Nickname: Los Teros (Southern Lapwing)
Colours: Blue and Black
Emblem: Southern Lapwing
Anthem: Freedom Or Death
World Cup Bases: Celtic Manor; Newport; Loughborough University; Moulton College; Manchester
World Cup Pool Stage in 1999 and 2003
World Ranking: 20

6. South Africa
Population: 54 million
Nickname: Springboks
Colours: Green and Gold
Emblem: Springbok
Anthem: God Bless Africa / Call Of South Africa
World Cup Bases: The Lensbury and St Mary’s University; University of Birmingham; Gateshead; Eastbourne College; University of Brighton
World Cup winners in 1995 and 2007
World Ranking: 2

7. Samoa
Population: 190,000
Nickname: Manu Samoa
Colours: Blue and White
Emblem: Southern Cross
Anthem: The Banner Of Freedom
World Cup Bases: Sutton Coldfield RFC; University of Brighton; Gateshead; Milton Keynes; MK Dons
World Cup quarter-finalists in 1991, 1995, 1999
World Ranking: 11

8. Japan
Population: 126 million
Nickname: Brave Blossoms
Colours: Red and White
Emblem: Sakura
Anthem: Kimigayo
World Cup Bases: Warwick School; Brighton College
World Cup Pool Stage in every tournament
World Ranking: 10

9. Scotland
Population: 5 million
Nickname: –
Colours: Navy Blue
Emblem: Thistle
Anthem: Flower Of Scotland
World Cup Bases: Hartpury College; Leeds Metropolitan University and University of Leeds; Newcastle Royal Grammar School
World Cup semi-finalists in 1991
World Ranking: 8

10. USA
Population: 318 million
Nickname: Eagles
Colours: Blue, Red and White
Emblem: Bald Eagle
Anthem: The Star-Spangled Banner
World Cup Bases: Haileybury School; Hartpury College; Leeds Trinity University; Portsmouth Royal Navy Rugby Union
World Cup Pool Stage every year but 1995
World Ranking: 16

11. New Zealand
Population: 4 million
Nickname: All Blacks
Colours: Black
Emblem: Silver Fern
Anthem: God Defend New Zealand
World Cup Bases: The Lensbury and St Mary’s University; Sport Wales National Centre; Darlington Mowden Park
World Cup winners in 1987 and 2011
World Ranking: 1

12. Argentina
Population: 42 million
Nickname: Pumas
Colours: Light Blue and White
Emblem: Jaguar
Anthem: Himno Nacional Argentino
World Cup Bases: Cheltenham RFC; Haileybury School; St George’s Park
World Cup third place in 2007
World Ranking: 9

13: Tonga
Population: 100,000
Nickname: Ikale Tahi
Colours: Red and White
Emblem: White Dove
Anthem: The Song of the King of the Tongan Islands
World Cup Bases: Cheltenham RFC; Loughborough University; University of Exeter; University of Northumbria
World Cup Pool Stage every year but 1991
World Ranking: 12

14: Georgia
Population: 5 million
Nickname: Lelos
Colours: Black and Red
Emblem: Sun Rays
Anthem: Freedom
World Cup Bases: Woodbury Park, Bicton College, Bristol; SGS Wise; Celtic Manor; Newport
World Cup Pool Stage in 2003, 2007, 2011
World Ranking: 15

15: Namibia
Population: 2 million
Nickname: Welwitchias
Colours: Blue
Emblem: Fish Eagle
Anthem: Namibia, Land of the Brave
World Cup Bases: Loughborough University; Cobham RFC; Plymouth
World Cup Pool Stage, 1999, 2003, 2007, 2011
World Ranking: 22

16: France
Population: 66 million
Nickname: Les Bleus
Colours: Blue
Emblem: Rooster
Anthem: La Marseillaise
World Cup Bases: The Vale Resort; Trinity School, Croydon
World Cup finalists 1987, 1999, 2011
World Ranking: 6

17: Ireland
Population: 6 million
Nickname: –
Colours: Green
Emblem: Shamrock
Anthem: Ireland’s Call
World Cup Bases: Celtic Manor and Newport; St George’s Park; Surrey Sports Park; Sport Wales National Centre
World Cup quarter-finalists five times
World Ranking: 3

18: Italy
Population: 60 million
Nickname: Azzuri
Colours: Blue
Emblem: Laurel Wreath
Anthem: The Song of the Italians
World Cup Bases: Surrey Sports Park; Cobham RFC
World Cup Pool Stage in every year
World Ranking: 14

19: Canada
Population: 35 million
Nickname: Maple Leafs
Colours: Red and Black
Emblem: Maple Leaf
Anthem: O Canada
World Cup Bases: Cardiff Metropolitan University; West Park Leeds RUFC; Leicester Grammar School; Swansea University
World Cup quarter-finalist in 1991
World Ranking: 17

20: Romania
Population: 20 million
Nickname: Oaks
Colours: Yellow
Emblem: Oak Leaf
Anthem: Awaken thee, Romanian!
World Cup Bases: Sutton Coldfield RFC; Woodbury Park and Bicton College; Dulwich College
Pool Stage in every World Cup
World Ranking: 18

20TheBarons’ 20-second guide to the 20 national teams


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