It’s a tricky time to celebrate Britishness, with all that’s going on. Here at 20 The Barons, we like to celebrate British tradition without being stuck in the past, as we also think of ourselves as modern, inclusive and international! So, here’s The Baron’s poetic celebration of the best of British for all our guests, wherever they’re from, which they might like to use as an ‘i-Spy’ checklist to brighten
their time enjoying the sights of London and further afield while they stay in our historic, but ultra-modern, serviced apartments

Tea and crumpets, brass band trumpets, picnic hampers, village fêtes; parks and gardens, beg your pardon, please and thank you, don’t be late; steak and kidney, pie and gravy, whelks and cockles, fish and chips; knotted hanky, Punch and Judy, naughty postcards, kiss me quick; ice-cream cornets, summer bonnets, rolled up trousers, stick of rock; boats and blazers, punts and boaters, river cruisers, sailing yachts; bright-red double-decker buses, black cab taxis, where’s my train? Endless talk about the weather, endless talk of endless rain. City markets, pin-stripe jackets, black umbrellas, bowler hats; traffic wardens, double yellows, parking meters, income tax; gin and tonic, slice of lemon, pint of lager, down the pub; Champagne, cava, cheeky snifter, pint of bitter, down the club; Sunday papers, eggs and bacon, sausage sarnie, beans on toast; Bloody Mary, Bloody Tower, bloody Brexit, Sunday roast; motte and bailey, lord and lady, garden party, royalty; Monty Python, Fawlty Towers, Tommy Cooper, Ali G; House of Commons, Clapham Common, Shakespeare’s Globe, the BBC; Monday mornings, 9 to 5ers, knock off early, cup of tea.


Photo of The Crescent

The Crescent

The Crescent is a regal 2-bedroom apartment on the first floor of our Victorian mansion house. It overlooks The Barons and has French windows leading to a small balcony from which you can view the beautiful architecture of our crescent.

Photo of The Penthouse

The Penthouse

Our stunning Penthouse is a prestige duplex combining a luxurious and spacious second-floor apartment and a romantic loft that offers a roof terrace with views over St Margarets to Richmond Hill.

Photo of the White Hart

White Hart House

White Hart House is a spectacular first floor apartment with a spacious roof terrace for entertaining. A large dining room and work space link with the open plan kitchen and then lead to the fabulous roof terrace.