Wellbeing getaway

Where you choose to stay can have a massive impact on your mental health. The importance of a safe and stable environment is vital. You need a home from home where you know you can get a good night’s sleep in a great bed in a quiet apartment. You need to trust that you’re safe because we are fully compliant and inspected for the highest safety and hygiene standards. You will be able to rely on all amenities working and being regularly serviced and tested. We know that for you to be able to genuinely de-stress you must be able to control your own surroundings. When you book at 20 The Barons, you aren’t just getting a great place to stay, you’re getting a backup team like no other. Whether you’re relocating for work or personal reasons, whether you are looking for down time to recharge and refocus or taking time out from a period of change, we are sensitive to your requirements and have great experience in working with guests to tailor their experience with us to their needs. We don’t just keep the house running smoothly, we are there to help smooth out life’s wrinkles and soak up some of the stress.

Photo of Hill View Loft

Hill View Loft

Hill View Loft has the wow factor. A studio loft apartment with a roof terrace for al fresco dining, it offers amazing views over St Margarets and leafy West London to historic Richmond Hill.

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