If ever there were a time to introduce mindfulness into your life, it is now. As the world grows busier, spins faster, feels crazier and becomes more crowded, it is easy to find yourself running like a hamster in a busy wheel.

At 20 The Barons, we’ve started to heed the message that in order to feel happier and healthier it is helpful to take time out for yourself; to stop and breathe for a moment every once in a while, to rebalance yourself and give some of your energy to your own wellbeing. We try to ensure that one part of the service in our serviced apartments is to make it as easy as possible for our lovely guests to do the same.

1. Make time for yourself

What many of our guests have in common is that they lead successful but very busy lives, giving so much of their time to others that there’s not much left over for themselves. We are fortunate to live within striking distance of central London but in a quiet, tree-lined crescent. Say that again a few times, “A quiet, tree-lined crescent…” It’s amazing how easy it is to meditate.18 egerton drive bedroom

2. Breathe

While our lives depend upon the air we suck into them, we rarely stop to think about how we breathe. Taking ten minutes out to close your eyes, to experience your breathing, to feel each breath as it enters through your nose, fills your lungs and spreads through your body, and to slowly slow your breaths down, is a simple way of shutting out the rest of the world and giving yourself some attention. The master bedroom is breathtaking, spacious and exquisitely decorated.

3. Relax

Go and sit in our garden, we have roses for you to stop and smell. We’re also providing yoga mats for those who wish to stretch their minds and bodies. And there is nothing quite like slipping into our apartments’ luxury slipper baths, lighting a few scented candles, and zoning out beneath the bliss of bubbles. We call it ‘putting on your slippers’. W_38 thegardensuitelounge20thebaronsluxuryservicedapartmentsrichmond,twickenham,southwestlondon,tw1

4. Be in the moment

You are wonderful. You are magical. Take some time out to remind yourself of that. Stop thinking about yesterday or worrying about that appointment you have tomorrow, and get your mind back into the present, the moment, the now. We have some beautiful parks a short walk away, and a rather lovely little river called the Thames to accompany you on your journey.Number 9 livingroom

What do you do to keep yourself feeling well and happy?


Photo of The Garden Suite

The Garden Suite

The Garden Suite is a beautiful 1-bedroom apartment on the lower ground floor of a Victorian mansion house. French windows lead out from the lounge onto a private garden terrace, offering a beautiful sense of light and space.

Photo of the White Hart

White Hart House

White Hart House is a spectacular first floor apartment with a spacious roof terrace for entertaining. A large dining room and work space link with the open plan kitchen and then lead to the fabulous roof terrace.

Photo of The Crescent

The Crescent

The Crescent is a regal 2-bedroom apartment on the first floor of our Victorian mansion house. It overlooks The Barons and has French windows leading to a small balcony from which you can view the beautiful architecture of our crescent.